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Home for a Veteran helps veterans and their families by providing long-term housing at a very affordable cost. An eligible veteran can rent the property at below market rates, with an option to purchase. The purchase price of the home will be based solely on what it cost to buy, renovate, maintain, and manage the property, and allows the veteran to take advantage of any appreciation. Additionally, the veteran will be refunded their rent payments for the prior two years - minus expenses - to apply to the down payment. If they choose not to purchase, they can continue to rent at the Section 8 rate (with or without a Section 8 voucher).

During the rehabilitation, so many great vendors wanted to donate their services to this project, but she had to refuse because she was not a non-profit. She was doing this project personally. So she decided to create a non-profit Home for a Veteran to allow others to give back to our Veterans.

In 2021, Sue formed a non-profit organization to scale up her activities and reach more people. Home for a Veteran is actively helping U.S. veterans access affordable housing and creating a path to homeownership--one house at a time. Tax-deductible donations of any size, as well as volunteer opportunities, are gratefully welcomed.

Since starting her first venture in her early twenties, Sue has been a serial entrepreneur and social philanthropist. One of her core values is to help the people she works with by providing opportunities for growth, guidance, and support. "I get tremendous satisfaction out of being of service to others because it makes my life richer. Home for a Veteran is a project of my heart, and we're just getting started doing great things," Sue says enthusiastically.

Our History

Here is a picture of the first Home for a Veteran. This was Sue Hale's personal give-back project. The project came about from a combination of events. First, she is very thankful for her Freedom and the sacrifice of time and sometimes their life that our veterans paid to preserve her Freedom. She is not rich, but she saves money every month – she calls it her fun saving account. The account earned about $2.50 a month, and she had to pay taxes on that BIG income… Hee Hee. So she decided to put the funds to good use by providing affordable housing to our veterans.​

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