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Our History


Here is a picture of the first Home for a Veteran. This was Sue Hale's personal give-back project. The project came about from a combination of events. First, she is very thankful for her Freedom and the sacrifice of time and sometimes their life that our veterans paid to preserve her Freedom. She is not rich, but she saves money every month – she calls it her fun saving account. The account earned about $2.50 a month, and she had to pay taxes on that BIG income… Hee Hee. So she decided to put the funds to good use by providing affordable housing to our veterans.

Our Mission

Home for a Veteran creates safe and affordable housing opportunities with a straightforward path to home ownership for servicemen and servicewomen who have helped protect our Freedoms.

Every year, the nation observes Veterans Day in honor of the men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces. As Americans celebrate veterans' service to our country, it is important to recognize their many contributions and sacrifices.

Unfortunately, home ownership remains out of reach for many veterans due to high housing costs. Home for a Veteran serves veterans and their families by providing high quality homes at typically lower-than-market rents (based on HUD’s Section 8 pricing guidelines), with the unique option to purchase them at a very affordable cost.

Home for a Veteran believes that veterans deserve to enjoy the comfort, independence, and peace of mind they fought to protect.

Sue Hale

Founder & CEO

Sue has been a successful entrepreneur in the financial services industry for over 40 years. In her twenties, she started a 32-store chain of women’s accessories with a small loan of $2,000. As a result of her success, she was the only woman invited to speak at the Ohio Governor’s Council for Entrepreneurs.

Kathleen Mulcahy

Board Member

Kathleen is a certified coach and business consultant. She has a B.S. in Asian Economics from Sophia University and an M.A. in Film from UCLA. She is a New Ventures West certified Integral Coach©, a certified IBP Allied Professional from the Institute of Integrative Body Psychotherapy, a certified Master Results Coach, and a certified Conversational Intelligence© coach.

Linda S. York

Board Member

Linda’s career spans from financial services to the entertainment business of developing and producing movies and television projects. As Creative Director of BeachBody, a leader in fitness, she developed “Project: YouType2” a lifestyle program to prevent or reverse Type 2 diabetes that the American Diabetes Association approved. That success led her to develop an exercise program to help children create healthy habits and products that make good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices fun.

Janet Stacy

Board Member

Janet majored in Business Administration and Accounting at Victor Valley College. She is an award-winning Mortgage Planning Professional with a passion for helping people, which led to her current position as Market Sales Leader. Her community service focuses on seniors and veterans.

Erin Crymes

Board Member

Eris received her Master of Social Work from the University of Georgia. She started her career at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center’s Homeless Programs. As a social worker for those that are experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity. She is currently volunteering at an outreach and advocacy center serving those experiencing homelessness in the Atlanta community.

The Team

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